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We have knowledge, practical experience and possibilities that stand behind our unique know-how. We advise our clients on arranging spaces by choosing effective solutions and products. Discover challenges of contemporary offices and find out how we can respond to them together.

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(Not) just design

Office arrangement that triggers flow

The optimal work environment, which facilitates the achievement of the flow state, should be a place where employees are able to fully concentrate on a given task, receive immediate feedback through effective communication and cooperate with others efficiently, to experience flow as a team. It should also create a positive atmosphere in order to minimise occupational stress, and increase employees’ identification with the tasks they perform.

Ewelina Adamus
Senior Workplace Research and Development Consultant



Modularity, in my opinion, is a very user-friendly feature, since it gives even better possibilities to use the products when new, often unpredictable, needs arise. It improves the functionality of the product.

Mac Stopa
Designer of the Hexa, Tauko and Tapa systems


Designer: Vincent van der Horst 


Designer: Vincent van der Horst 


Tapa seating system

Designer: Mac Stopa 

Magnes II

Designer: Arkadiusz Kulon


Designer: Mac Stopa 


Designer: Mac Stopa 


Designer: Mac Stopa 


Designer: Jens Korte


Designer: Mac Stopa

More and more companies are leading a nomadic life, which means they often move to new locations or rearrange the existing space in order to meet new requirements. That’s why office furniture should be configurable.

Hilary Birkbeck
Designer of Tepee

Home office design

There is an artificial border between office and home products. We believe that some of them can successfully be applied to both spaces and should be adjusted to the user, not to the interior. Moreover, the use of materials and finishes we often associate with home furniture gives the office a feeling of warmth and friendliness.

Jan Wertel and Gernot Oberfell
WertelOberfell studio

The best designers

We cooperate with excellent designers from different countries who can combine artistic forms with specialised knowledge of industrial design. We appreciate their ingenuity and awareness of employees’ needs. To ensure our furniture meets the requirements of contemporary offices even better, we support the designers with our know-how. We cooperate with them closely throughout the whole design process. The effects of our work are illustrated by the awards we receive in prestigious competitions and by thousands of satisfied users.

Famous German designer Lucius Burckhardt has said that good design is invisible (...). Good design is something hidden; it is simply a pleasure to use a product. If you struggle using a camera, an office chair, an office desk, then it’s not good design. It is very important that things work, they have to make your life easier, and this can be on different levels. It can be functional, it can be aesthetic or it can just please you. Design is always sensual.

Frank Zierenberg
iF Design Award

See our award-winning projects


Red Dot Design Award 2016, Iconic Awards 2016


Red Dot Design Award 2016, German Design Award 2016

CX 3200

iF Design Award 2016


Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation – Selection 2017


Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation, "Best of Best" 2017, Active Office Award 2017, 10th place in the "Das Büro" magazine ranking 2017


iF Design Award 2012, German Design Award: Nominee 2013

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