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Xilium. A chair that supports business development

It combines state-of-the-art technology, modern design trends, and latest knowledge on workplace organization: Xilium, a new line of office chairs on Nowy Styl Group’s offer is now on sale. “Xilium is the perfect solution for demanding and responsible users who rely on trusted partners,” say the chair’s makers.

20 05.2019

Refined down to the tiniest detail

Xilium is an ergonomically advanced line of swivel and visitor chairs. It premiered at last year's Orgatec trade fair in Cologne, where it aroused visitors’ enormous interest, attracting their attention with its excellent quality and comfort. These features result from a mix of its designer Martin Ballendat’s genius and Nowy Styl Group’s many years of experience as a European leader in solutions for offices.

Martin Ballendat is one of the best-known and recognized design professionals. His design studio boasts an impressive collection of over 150 awards, including 40 Red Dot awards, known as “design Oscars”. He admits that working on the Xilium was a great challenge for him, and the result gave him immense satisfaction:

Martin Ballendat - designer of Xilium chair from Nowy Styl Group's offer

“Designing an office chair is the most challenging task a furniture designer can be faced with. This is because there are so many various standards regulating such chairs, including materials they are made of, ergonomics, aesthetics, and price. You also need to keep in mind how many different users will use the product. This is why designing the Xilium became our mission.”

Martin Ballendat
Designer of Xilium chair

“Martin Ballendat is a perfectionist. He cares about every little thing because he is perfectly aware that even a tiny detail can have a huge impact on sitting comfort. He polished the Xilium down to the smallest detail,” describes Karolina Manikowska, Deputy Director of Nowy Styl Group’s Product Management Department.

She also emphasized the role of a multidisciplinary team of professionals involved in the implementation of the product line, including product managers, designers, technologists and space planners. Thanks to their joint efforts, the Xilium combines top-notch design with modern technology and current trends in workplace arrangement.

Every detail of new Xilium chair from the Nowy Styl Group offer has been perfectly designed

A chair for demanding users

A great example of this are the mechanisms and solutions used in the chair to protect users’ health and enhance their sense of well-being. The patented X-MOVE mechanism allows dynamic movement to the sides and activates a small rotational movement in the lumbar region. As a result, the chair cares about the spine in an unprecedented way. One of the backrest versions available is the Duo-Back, which consists of two symmetrical elements mounted on moving connectors, a solution that protects the back from direct pressure on the vertebrae and disks. The chair has also been fitted with incredibly precise synchronous adjustment mechanisms, a wide seat, armrests with 360° pad rotation and headrests with height and depth adjustment.

The Xilium line offers a very wide selection of chairs to suit a specific function (swivel or visitor) as well as user’s individual preferences regarding backrest type (Duo-Back, upholstered or Mesh) and colours. The wide range of options available provides inspiration, opening countless workspace design possibilities.

"All Xilium's features make it a chair for demanding users. It should be selected by companies which realize that providing employees with good working conditions has a huge impact on their satisfaction and performance, and thus on the success of the entire organization.” 

Karolina Manikowska 
Deputy Director of Product Development Department, Nowy Styl Group

Karolina Manikowska Deputy Director of Product Development Department at Nowy Styl Group

Caring for the environment

One great advantage of Xilium is its “responsibility”. The chair has been designed with environmental protection in mind, in line with the best practices of circular economy. The project team has analysed in detail the structure of the materials used in production, so almost the entire chair can be recycled after the end of its useful life. What is more, most of the components can be replaced, out of which over a half can be self-replaced using simple tools and user manual. This helps to reduce waste and save money.

Due to high advance features new Xilium chair contributes to the company's success and is called best business partner

Best business partner

“The sum of Xilium’s features makes the chair a tool that actually supports users in their work. It is like a reliable partner which you can trust in any situation, which contributes to the growth of your business,” summed up Karolina Manikowska.

Appreciated by professionals

The Xilium has already won recognition from design and CSR professionals. The jury of the prestigious German Design Award awarded it the main prize, appreciating the excellent combination of ergonomics, functionality and a modern look. Incorporating circular economy guidelines into Xilium’s production process, on the other hand, has won the Nowy Styl Group a CSR White Leaf – an award given by the leading Polish weekly Polityka to the most socially responsible and engaged companies.

Xilium chair has been already acknowledged by experts in design and CSR

Interesting facts

  • The name of the chair comes from the Latin word auxilium (“help”). Xilium helps to do office work and care for its user’s health;

  • About 300 prototype elements were made during work on the Xilium;

  • 100 components were made specifically for the chair;

  • As a result of adjustment, the Xilium can grow or shrink by up to 30% and it is suitable for users with a body weight of up to 150 kg;

  • About 96% of the materials from which the chair is made are recyclable.

Get to know more details about new Xilium chair here.

Xilium chair is available now in the offer of Nowy Styl Group

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