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Our team in the legendary car race

The route was picturesque but extremely challenging. So was the vintage 1955 Porsche driven by Jerzy Krzanowski and Maria Lasek of the Nowy Styl Group. The team finished Mille Miglia, the legendary Italian race. The event, known as the most beautiful race in the world, has to offer the very best of the country: the wonderful landscapes, the passion for beautiful cars, and the unique hospitality of its people.”

24 05.2019

The Italian race Migle Millia seems to be a true legend of motor sports. No wonder, as its first edition was held in 1927. The distance from Brescia to Rome and back which the participants had to cover then was 1,000 miles (which, by the way, is where the official name of the event comes from), or around 1,600 kilometres. The winners went down in history, but merely finishing the race was regarded as a notable achievement, considering the level of automotive technology of the time. In fact, nothing has changed since then.

Cars allowed to enter the competition, which was resumed in the 1980s, are exclusively vehicles manufactured between 1927 and 1957. This only raises the prestige of the event. Every year, it is participated by several hundred vintage car owners, with a few thousand more waiting for a place on the starting list. On 15 May 2019, Jerzy Krzanowski, a co-founder and Vice-President of the Nowy Styl Group and Maria Lasek, the Group’s Director of the Central Purchasing Department formed one of the teams which set off for the race, the route of which was extended to over 1,800 kilometres this year. Jerzy Krzanowski took the wheel of a red Porsche 356 Speedster (manufactured in 1955), while Maria Lasek took the role of his rally pilot. They both agree that taking part in the Mille Miglia race turned out to be a wonderful and extreme adventure.

Jerzy Krzanowski i Maria Lasek z Grupy Nowy Styl ukończyli wyścig Migle Milla 2019

"The uniqueness of this race is about the combination of a picturesque route, which goes through charming cities, small towns and magical countryside landscapes, with a huge number of vintage cars, pearls of the automotive industry, every single one of which looks truly spectacular," shares her impressions Maria Lasek.

Jerzy Krzanowski i Maria Lasek z Grupy Nowy Styl ukończyli legendarny wyścig Mille Miglia 2019

Jerzy Krzanowski reveals a different side of the race: "To some of the drivers, competition seemed to be the priority. Struggling to achieve as high a rank as possible they were ready to take a risk. In case of these cars, not equipped with modern drive support and safety systems, it was just dangerous and not only for those teams but for other participants, too. Moreover, to drive nearly 2,000 kilometres in only three days is a considerable challenge. Practically, it means spending the whole day and even a part of the night in the car. Hence, quite a lot of teams decided to give up."

Wyścig Mile Miglia trwał prawie 3 dni. Jerzy Krzanowski i Maria Lasek ukończyli go bez większych problemów

Luckily, our team reached the finishing line safely and managed to finish the race within the time limit. The unique atmosphere of cheering crowds made the task easier for them. The enthusiasm of the spectators was truly contagious, say the Porsche team. "For Italians, Mille Miglia is like a national holiday. No wonder, as it combines the very best of the country: the tremendous landscapes, the passion for beautiful cars, and the unique hospitality of the people, including delicious cuisine which was served to the drivers throughout the race. The event is Italy’s trademark, which they have skilfully employed to promote their country around the world."

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