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We furnished two “gardens” at legendary Daxing airport

Kusch+Co provided 3700 seats to the newly opened Daxing airport near Beijing. The order was completed within an exceptionally tight deadline and it included benches whose colour concept was inspired by Ancient China. This high-end project consolidated the position of our branch as the leader in the sector and reinforced the image of the Nowy Styl Group.

The futuristic building of the airport was designed by a visionary architect, Zaha Hadid; construction work was concluded within an impressive period of 4 years and cost 63 billion US dollar; the enormous terminal is the size of nearly 100 football pitches – the recently launched Daxing airport near Beijing was the hot topic all around the world. No wonder it has already become a legend, described and highlighted in every possible manner. Is there anything else to add?

Top quality and excellent design

Without doubt, it is worth noting that the comfort of thousands people who start their journey at the Daxing airport every day was entrusted to Kusch+Co, a brand owned by Nowy Styl Group. To much extent, our German colleagues are world-famous thanks to their solutions developed for passenger terminals and the company boasts more than 260 completed airport projects. They collaborate with the best architects from all over the world who appreciate both the top quality of the seats offered by Kusch+Co, as well as their unique design.

Seats for the “Tea Garden” and the “Porcelain Garden”

To provide the best functionality, the building of airport consists of five similarly long spokes spreading out from the centre. Each of them features a departure lounge, decorated according to a specific theme – inspired by ancient Chinese styles, namely “Silk Garden”, “Tea Garden”, “Porcelain Garden”, “Countryside Garden” and “Chinese Garden”. Kusch+Co furnished two thematic spokes, i.e. the “Porcelain Garden” and the “Tea Garden”. Thus the airport obtained a total of 3700 seats belonging to the Series 8000 – flagship benches for airport terminals designed by a renowned studio F.A. Porsche Design (they were previously used to furnish terminals e.g. in Frankfurt, Stockholm and Wrocław).


The designers of the benches decided to combine a light, dynamic shape resembling the wings of a plane with utmost comfort and endurance, guaranteed by an excellent choice of materials.

A special focus was put on the blue upholstery colour in the “Porcelain Garden”, that comes in two different hues, and can be seen all across the airport. The colour is a reminiscence of China’s eventful and rich history, and especially of the Ming dynasty and its world-famous blue porcelain. The concept is based on the idea of “Continued Seat Design” – the seats are interlinked like soft waves, and – also thanks to the blue upholstery – create associations with the ocean.

Customized colour and speedy delivery

Customization of the colour scheme is a popular and commonly used practice.


Interior design at airports usually has a leading motif, which is something we need to follow,’ says Ingmar Krupp, Head of the Transport Department for Kusch+Co who admits that the greatest challenge for him was the incredibly short deadline. ‘The contract was confirmed in April and it was clear from the very beginning that the launching date of the airport cannot be delayed even by a single day. We gained considerable experience over the years, which is why we managed to complete this task without any issues. We manufactured the benches in Germany, following the guidelines and requirements, and then we arranged for them to be transported to Beijing, where they were assembled.  The Daxing airport is definitely one of our major and high-end projects,’ adds Krupp.


Bull’s eye

According to the assumptions behind the acquisition of the Kusch+Co brand, international success and recognition of the brand are a strong driving force behind the development of the whole Nowy Styl group. ‘Participating in such spectacular projects as the Daxing airport, which are based on the concept of one of the most renowned architectural studios in the world and attract considerable attention of the media, consolidates the leading position of Kusch+Co among the manufacturers of seats for passenger terminals. In this context, the acquisition completed in January not only expands the portfolio of our services, but also boosts the image and reputation of Nowy Styl among architects,’  summarises Roman Przybylski, Commercial Director for Nowy Styl and Member of the Board.

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