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Office Inspiration Centre in Cracow

Offices are strategic investments for contemporary companies. They have a direct influence on the companies' development and efficiency, helping them attract and keep talented and engaged employees, who make up their most precious capital. It is therefore becoming a priority to answer the question: how can you create an optimal office space that would support your company and help it make use of its full potential? Enter Nowy Styl Group, with its professional support in the form of the Office Inspiration Centre. The Centre, which has been built in Cracow, is a unique place designed for holding meetings and inspiring discussions with specialists, as well as presenting modern furniture solutions in interesting arrangements.

Employees' awareness of what a modern, comfortable and healthy office should look like is growing. As research shows, three out of four candidates want to see their future office before they make a decision about signing a job contract. Are the workstations they'll be working at ergonomic? Does the work environment offer good acoustic conditions? Are employees able to find the time to relax or have a peaceful conversation?

People, process, place

Care for the office space is equivalent to care for employees, so companies fighting for talent cannot be indifferent to the importance of the first impression their office interiors make on candidates. The optimal arrangement of an office that motivates employees and encourages them to perform professional tasks efficiently, day after day, is even more valuable. According to research, employee satisfaction depends up to 24% on their workplace.

Nowy Styl Group supports companies from around the world, international corporations, architects and many other partners in arranging office spaces. It not only offers comprehensive space arrangement services, but it also has a team of experts who examine work environments and employees' needs, advising companies on how to design an optimal, "tailor-made" office. The company presents its knowledge and experience at the Office Inspiration Centre, which is located in Cracow.

‒ The erection of the Office Inspiration Centre marks another stage of our continuous development ‒ says Adam Krzanowski, President of Nowy Styl Group. – We would like to inspire and educate our visitors. Our experts are pleased to tell you about social trends that influence trends in designing offices, innovative technologies used in the building and its interiors, or varied and functional spaces furnished with our products.

In harmony with nature: Bronowice Park and biophilic design

The building looks unique and elegant, thanks to the simple and regular columnar construction, made of prefabricated white concrete, against a background of walls, which are made of dark wood and surrounded with lush greenery.

Interior design concept

The building interiors, designed by Nowy Styl Group's designers Joanna Zapała and Sebastian Wiśniewski, contrast with the classic character of the building exterior.

An office which affects all senses

‒ We wanted to use all means available to create a place where everyone would feel good – a place where people would experience with all their senses. We decorated walls with greenery, so that nature could accompany us all year round. We also chose warm colours, as well as textures and accessories inspired by the home office design trend, to create a home-like atmosphere ‒ say the designers.

In addition to the tangible stimuli that affect sight and touch, the designers also considered visitors' and employees' other senses. In the air you can experience the scent of 100% natural oil combined with the aroma of white tea that has energising citrus notes, which is distributed through the ventilation system. The whole experience is complemented with relaxing music in the background and the taste of Italian coffee.

Functions of the space


Conformément au principe selon lequel il suffit de 7 secondes pour faire une première bonne impression, l’étage « zéro » est un espace classique d’accueil et de réunions. Tout le niveau est un espace de rencontre dans lequel peuvent se tenir des réunions aussi bien informelles (au coin café) que formelles (dans les salles de réunion). L’aménagement du mobilier et des accessoires est différent dans chaque espace de réunion, leur donnant à toutes un caractère particulier. La plus grande salle de réunion, prévue pour accueillir 120 personnes, est un lieu idéal pour organiser des formations, des conférences et des ateliers pour les architectes, les entrepreneurs, les gérants immobiliers, les office managers, ainsi que pour les spécialistes RH.

Niveau +1 : OFFICE AREA

En s’appuyant sur notre expérience, nous avons créé un exemple d'espace de bureau conçu selon le concept appelé « Activity Based Working ». Notre objectif principal était de réaliser un bureau modèle contenant un espace varié et adaptable. Ainsi, le bureau a été divisé en zones dédiées à une activité précise : communication, concentration, administration et détente. Il y a donc des espaces ouverts, aménagés dans le style home office ; des bureaux de direction riches en couleurs ; des postes de travail isolés pour un travail silencieux, et une cantine avec... une balançoire ! Dans les bureaux, des éléments au design étonnant occupent l’espace : nos produits primés (tels que les poufs Tapa, ou les systèmes de mobilier Play&Work et Levitate), et des détails sophistiqués (les miroirs Tafla conçus par Oskar Zięta ou la lampe Equilibra créée par le studio de design Aquaform et Piotr Jagiełłowicz.


« L'atelier » est un lieu où l’on teste des produits, où l’on dispense des formations, notamment sur les solutions ergonomiques. Sur une surface de 500m², nous avons exposé tout un éventail de nos produits, en commençant par des sièges et des chaises, des rangements et des bureaux, y compris ceux à hauteur réglable, que nos invités ont la possibilité de tester. Ils peuvent également y trouver les solutions techniques qui leur conviennent le mieux. C'est aussi dans ce lieu que nous avons installé un poste d’application de réalité virtuelle #OfficeVR, qui permet aux visiteurs de vivre une expérience dans un bureau virtuel aménagé par Nowy Styl Group.

As the building's name suggests, the Office Inspiration Centre has been designed as a space for inspiration. Nowy Styl Group invites architects, interior designers, entrepreneurs and everyone else who wants to gain knowledge and get ideas about the arrangement of office spaces to visit the Centre. You can do this by appointment.

Find much more information at www.oic.nowystylgroup.com


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