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Our Runners in Brilliant Shape

Nowy Styl Group Running Team won this year's Magura Ultramarathon (18 August). This is another big success of mountain runners. A very good result was achieved by the charity relay in Kraków Business Run, too.

03 09.2018

Magura Ultramarathon is one of the biggest and most difficult mountain runs in Poland. Competitors race on 58 km and 92 km distances as well as MaguRun, an accompanying 20 km run. This year, the competition was held for the fourth time, with nearly 500 participating athletes from Poland and abroad.

It was entered by 29 runners of the Nowy Styl Group Running Team, which was started several years ago and currently trains about 60 people. Most of our runners raced on the 20 km and 52 km distances. The result of the team was determined by the individual results of each of the runners.


At the finishing line it turned out that as many as nine of our athletes scored points for classification: Radosław Jaracz, Marcin Niżnik, Arkadiusz Michalski, Michał Dacyl, Paweł Parylak, Dariusz Błażejowski, Mateusz Bieszczad, Ryszard Woliński and Mirosław Mróz. Thanks to their great individual results, the Nowy Styl Group team won the entire competition.

”Magura Ultramarathon is a demanding competition, with contestants presenting a very high level of sport skills. We competed against some very strong teams, including from Warsaw and Szczytno, and some of the top Polish ultra runners took part in the race individually. So it’s a really big success” says Marcin Niżnik, one of the veterans of the NSG Running Team.

Dariusz Frydrych, a member of the Management Board and Operations Director of the Nowy Styl Group, and one of the founders of the running team, emphasizes the contribution of the entire team to the joint success:We are a diverse group of people. We started with, I think, five of us. At the moment, we have more than 40 runners from Krosno, Jasło and Kraków on our team, plus almost 20 runners training abroad. All members of the team motivate one another to run bigger and bigger distances, which helps us improve our results regularly”.

It is notable that the NSG Running Team defended the championship, which they had won in last year’s Ultramarathon. A marathon in Warsaw taking place at the end of September will be another opportunity to test the shape of the team. In addition to individual entries, Nowy Styl Group runners will form six three-person teams for the event, to compete in a relay race.


Brilliant appearance of mountain runners wasn’t the only good result of our sportsmen. On 2nd September a 5-person relay from Nowy Styl Group Running Team took part in Business Run 2018 – a famous charity run, taking part in Polish biggest cities. The result achieved by the team in Kraków – below 1,5 hour – allowed Radosław Jankielewicz, Kasia Kaszowska-Pichórz, Agnieszka Kubicka, Roman Przybylski and Dominik Szwiec to be classified on 235th place out of almost 1200 participating teams. It is worth to notice that individual result of Roman Przybylski – 3,8 kilometers in 12 minutes and 1 second – put him on 4th place!

Apart from good results, we congratulate our runners on joining the noble initiative.

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