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Office inspired by fika: feel invited to visit us in Stockholm

Natural materials, Scandinavian design and work-life balance are the underlying themes of Nowy Styl Group’s stand at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair to begin this Tuesday (5 February). For the first time, the Group’s offer will include products from Kusch+Co, a new company that joined the Group in January.

05 02.2019

Held in the capital of Sweden, this trade fair is one of the most prestigious events of the interior design industry. It is also the world's biggest events dedicated to Scandinavian design, attracting several hundred companies and thousands of visitors - designers, architects and office space commercialization companies to Stockholm. The Nowy Styl Group is one of the exhibitors at this year’s event. We have been present on the Scandinavian market for many years, operating through our large distributors who find budget products particularly appealing. Now, the plan is to bring high-end products to the Scandinavian market.

“This will be our first trade fair in Stockholm. Considering design, ergonomy, materials and ecology of the products, we have decided that our current offer is sufficiently tailored to the needs of the region to fight for a bigger share in the market” says Roman Przybylski, Member of the Board and Sales Director for the Nowy Styl Group.

Viden chair with scandinavian design and ergonomics

The Group’s trade fair stand has an area of almost 90 m2. It is decorated in the style of home-office design and the product offer to be exhibited there has been prepared specifically for the Scandinavian market. Its underlying themes include organic materials (wood and felt) used in the products, design kept in the Scandinavian spirit and a work-life balance embodied by fika - the famous Swedish tradition of having a coffee break during work.

“One of the phrases that you hear when visiting Sweden is ‘Ska vi fika?’, which means you just got invited to a fika. When the time comes, literally everyone stops working because fika is an almost sacrosanct custom for the Swedes. After the break, everyone returns to their duties with a fresh shot of energy. The importance of fika for the balance and well-being has inspired us to come up with the offer we are going to show at the Stockholm fair” says Agata Zawiślak, Export Sales Manager for the Nowy Styl Group.

Nowy Styl Group at Stockholm Furniture Fair: Play&Work sofas

Our leading premiere for the event will be the Viden chair. Its main strengths include advanced ergonomics, functionality and minimalistic form, which are the characteristics that best define the philosophy of Northern European countries. We will also promote Play&Work sofas, which make a direct reference to fika (Office Inspired by Fika), and a line of chairs and tables Tauko. The two solutions help create a less formal space in the office, which can be used to relax on the one hand, and as an informal meeting place on the other. 

Several other flagship products from the Group’s portfolio will also be shown at the stand, such as Xilium, a chair that perfectly adapts to user’s body position, sit-to-stand desks (eModel and Play&Work), Tepee sofas which provide isolation from unwanted distractions, Puzlo office lockers, and Formo and Sileo - lines of panels and curtains which improve the acoustic comfort. Each of these products makes working time more comfortable and efficient, while preserving some of the relaxed atmosphere which reigns the office during fika.

Kusch+Co chairs at Stockholm Furniture Fair

A part of the exhibition will be dedicated to products from Kusch+Co, a German company that joined the Nowy Styl Group in January. “Their design and the natural materials they use for production fit in very well with Scandinavian tastes, which is why we decided they would be a great complement to our offer” says Roman Przybylski.

The trade fair in Stockholm will continue until Saturday 9 February. Please, feel invited to visit our stand A16:28 to test the products and to fika together.

For more information about the stand and offer for the Stockholm trade fair please visit a dedicated website. You can find there three podcasts in which we tell the story behind the main themes of our stand, as well.

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