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Four German Design Awards 2019 for the Nowy Styl Group!

Eye-catching, comfortable and functional - Xilium, LinkUP and Denuo, three new products from our offer were awarded German Design Awards 2019. Premium armchairs series 8600 Lupino by Kusch+Co, a company which joined our Group last month, is among the winners of the Award, as well. This confirms once again that our office furniture perfectly combines design and ergonomics.

11 02.2019

German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design. In choosing winners, the international panel of judges is focused on "pioneering solutions that contribute to a change in the world of design". In this year's edition, these criteria were met by three products from our portfolio: the Xilium chair and the LinkUP line of soft seating, which won the main prize, as well as the Denuo chair which was awarded a special mention.

"A solidly made office chair that combines ergonomics, functionality and modern elegance" reads a statement in support of the award for the Xilium chair designed by Martin Ballendat. The judges paid particular attention to the chair’s systems such as duo back and x-move, which provide the user with freedom of movement and allow for the chair to be optimally adjusted, regardless of the height, weight or work style of the user.

The second winner – the LinkUP line of soft seating designed by Mac Stopa won experts' recognition for the combination of modern design with top quality materials. The resulting armchairs and chaise longues, which evoke an air of homely warmth, are a perfect fit for relaxation zones in the office.

German Design Award 2019 dla Grupy Nowy Styl: krzesło Xilium, soft seating LinkUP oraz krzesło Denuo

On behalf of the Nowy Styl Group the awards were collected by Gordon Arnemann and Corinna Graf from our German branch (photo: Lutz Sternstein / German Design Council)

As for the Denuo chair by Daniel Figueroa, the last of the distinguished products, its advanced ergonomics "dressed" in a dynamic shape, and further emphasized with a personalized colour palette were recognised as its biggest strength. These features gave it a special mention in the competition.

The triple victory at German Design Award 2019 is yet another proof over the recent years of the high design quality of solutions provided by us. Combining high-quality design with utmost care for ergonomic features appears to be the key to our success in capturing an ever greater share of the office furniture market.

Another winner of the Award is a premium armchair series 8600 Lupino, desined by Norbert Geelan for Kusch+Co – our new brand. The jury especially acknowledged the series’ dynamic shape, bringing to mind seats available in sports cars, yet presented in very modern way.

Kusch+Co Team with the German Design Award 2019 for 8600 Lupino series (from left): Ricarda Kusch, Norbert Geelen and Tommy Rube (photo: Lutz Sternstein / German Design Council)

Nagroda German Design Award 2019 dla Kusch+Co

Find out more about the winners of German Design Award 2019:

Office chair line Xilium, design by: Martin Ballendat

Thanks to its many functional solutions, Xilium is a chair model that allows you to choose your own way of sitting. With the wide seat, you can adopt a relaxed sitting position, for example with the legs folded up. 360° adjustable armrests allow you to comfortably use various mobile devices. Xilium’s x-move mechanism and synchronous mechanism allow user’s body to move in three planes: forward and backward, sideways and in a twisting motion. Lean back freely to let your thoughts fly away for a while as you take a break, thanks to the wide range of the mechanism’s counter-pressure adjustment.

And although all this seems to contradict the generally accepted rules of good sitting, it is about not spending all day in one position. You have to move: the best sitting position is always the next one.

The look of the chair refers to the concept of universal design. With the wide range of finishes, the different backrest types and the option to choose a mechanism with additional functions, Xilium chairs offer a functional solution for offices, regardless of their size or style of interior design.The look of the chair refers to the concept of universal design. With the wide range of finishes, the different backrest types and the option to choose a mechanism with additional functions, Xilium chairs offer a functional solution for offices, regardless of their size or style of interior design.

Krzesło Xilium - nowość w ofercie Grupy Nowy Styl, nagrodzona German Design Award 2019
LinkUP soft seating, design by: Mac Stopa

The LinkUP line consists of armchairs and chaise longues with a detachable cushion. The elements are characterised by a light and simple form. They also offer countless arrangement possibilities. Chaise longues and armchairs can lean on each other, create rows or be put separately. In each case, they uncover new possibilities and offer an interesting visual effect. The comfort of use is increased by a seat made of foam and the possibility to fit it with a power or USB socket. Thanks to soft materials and fillings, the line helps employees relax and facilitates informal meetings, at which the best ideas are often born. LinkUP will work well in an office library and a relaxation zone.

Fotele i szezlongi LinkUP (soft seating) z oferty Grupy Nowy Styl, zwycięzcy w German Design Award 2019
Denuo chair, design by: Daniel Figueroa

The soaring, geometric line of Denuo’s backrest brings freshness and good energy to the office. The colour range of fabrics has been selected specifically for this model. The trendy burgundy, inspiring emerald green, soft grey and universal black and navy blue make a perfect match for the colours of the plastic frame of the backrest. This offers a potential for both contrasting and monochromatic combinations to be created.

The colours are accompanied by various textures of backrest fabric. Attention-grabbing 3D diamond-shaped pattern, transparent mesh and traditional, flat-woven upholstery. A universal and reliable synchronous mechanism, a comfortable wide seat and 4D armrests ensure the comfort and well-being of the user.

Krzesło Denuo - nowość z oferty Grupy Nowy Styl nagrodzona specjalnym wyróżnieniem na German Design Award 2019
8600 Lupino premium armchair series (Kusch+Co), design by: Norbert Geelen

Characterised by an organic design language and sporty charms – this seating shell armchair, available with two different backrest heights, reflects the dynamics of our time. Fresh, agile and somewhat cheeky. Offering a high level of individualisation through a fascinating number of options. Several distinct frame variations. Multi-coloured surfaces. Free material mix for the seat shell.

Fotele premium z linii 8600 Lupino należące do oferty Kusch+Co

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