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Armin Sander

Key features

Mojito fits remarkably well into spaces of modern employees' activity and bold visions of success and development. Modernity creates astonishing possibilities. A variety of models, refined materials and the latest ergonomic technologies guarantee the perfect response to the requirements of a modern office. This intriguing design, created by Armin Sander who works at the ITO design studio, is a daring innovation for those who demand the best.

Armin Sander

He set up his design studio ITO Design in Nuremberg in 1987. His second studio is located in Cham, Switzerland. The activity of ITO Design is connected with many different sectors in the market, for example, the studio creates projects for the office furniture market. The main aim of Armin Sander's projects is to create a human-friendly environment. The ITO Design products can be found in various fields, such as electronics, sports equipment, office systems, interior equipment, telecommunication and many more.


REVO synchronous mechanism – functions:

  • seat tilt angle of 9° synchronised with backrest tilt angle of 21°,
  • negative seat inclination angle (5°),
  • possibility of backrest lock in 5 positions,
  • seat depth adjustment in 6 positions (adjustment range – 65 mm),
  • adjustable backrest tilt force,
  • Anti-Shock – a feature protecting the user's back from being hit by the backrest after the lock is released,
  • adjustable chair height with a gas lift.

Seat, backrest, headrest

Swivel chair
Seat – structure is made of beech plywood, thickness 11 mm, covered with injected foam.

Backrest – mesh, mesh with an additional upholstery cover or wooden rear back and upholstered front. Upholstery: structure made of 14 mm thick plywood covered with foam, density 35 kg/m3, thickness 15 mm.

Mesh backrest: support structure made of polyamide + 30% glass fiber, backrest link made of thick steel flat bar 8 mm. Mesh: material – 100% polyester, certificates: flammability BS 5852 Part 1 Cigarette; abrasion resistance: 40,000 cycles according to DIN EN 14465.

Lumbar support cushion: two-dimensional lumbar support mechanism. Mesh / upholstered back – mechanical adjustment of lumbar support (height 80 mm). Wooden back: pneumatic adjustment of lumbar support (depth 40 mm).

Headrest – upholstered with a wooden back, mesh or mesh with an additional upholstery cover.

Visitor chair
Visitor chairs available in two versions: lacquered plywood shell (15 colours available) with upholstered seat and backrest cushions or a fully upholstered shell with upholstered seat and backrest cushions. The main shell – made of 9 mm thick plywood covered with foam (density 21 kg/m3, thickness 9 mm) or lacquered. Seat cushion – frame made of 3–layer plywood (thickness 3.6 mm) covered with foam (density 40 kg/m3, thickness 30 mm). Seat is fitted with a soft upholstered stacking cushion. Backrest cushion – frame made of 3–layer plywood (thickness 3.6 mm) covered with foam (density 35 kg/m3, thickness 25 mm). 


3-D, 4-D, height-adjustable or fixed armrests with soft PU pads. Optionally available armrests with wooden (15 colours available) or leather-upholstered pads (only for armrests with height adjustment).

Swivel chair

  • height-adjustable armrests. Armpads made of PU. Chromium-plated or black metal frame, the remaining components made of PA + GF. Adjustment range: 80 mm.
  • 3-D adjustable armrests. Chromium-plated or black metal frame, the remaining components made of PA + GF, armpads made of PU. Adjustment range – height: 80 mm, pad rotation ± 25°, pad adjustment (front-back): 50 mm.
  • 4-D adjustable armrests. Carcass – cast aluminium, the remaining components made of PA + GF, armpads made of PU. Adjustment range – height: 80 mm, pad adjustment sideways (right-left): 50 mm, pad adjustment (front-back): 40 mm, width adjustment: 50 mm.
  • fixed armrests: frame made of flat bar with pads made of wood (15 colours available) or upholstered with leather. Armrest frame is chromium-plated (applicable to the chromium base) or made of powder-coated aluminium (applicable to the polyamide and powder-coated aluminium base).

Visitor chair
Integrated armrests made of steel tube Ø 22 × 2.0 mm with wooden pads (15 colours available). Headrest and armrest pads are upholstered with black leather. If your choice of the overall upholstery colour is other than black, the armpads and headrest are upholstered with leather in the same colour to match the overall effect where applicable. This rule does not concern imitation leather: Kaiman, Valencia, Silvertex and fine leather. In these cases, the armpads and headrest are upholstered in the same colour as the chair.


Swivel chair – five-star base made of polished or powder-coated aluminium with black plastic inlays (optional wooden inlays, 15 colours available) fixed to the bottom of the base. Also available a black nylon base.

Visitor chair (cantilever base) – steel tube Ø 22 × 2.0 mm.
Visitor chair (4-leg) – steel tube Ø 22 × 2.5 / 2.0 mm. The frame can be powder-coated in ALU (RAL 9006) or chromium-plated (galvanic coating).

Castors / Glides

Swivel version – double-link castors for hard or soft floors, Ø 65 mm, with a load-controlled braking mechanism. Castors conform to the standard EN-12529.
Plastic glides for hard or soft floors.

Visitor version – plastic glides for hard or soft floors or self-levelling glides for hard or soft floors (when these glides are used, the product height increases by approx. 20 mm).

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